Buyback Offer

Don't Let Your Furniture Go to Waste: Earn Cashback with Our Buyback Offer

At Zior, we're committed to making sustainable furniture accessible to everyone. We believe that eco-friendliness shouldn't end with responsible production - it should extend to responsible disposal as well. That's why we're excited to offer our buyback program, where you can sell your old furniture back to us and receive up to 50% cashback.


Responsible Disposal for a Greener Future

We understand that furniture disposal can be a challenge. It's easy to simply throw it away, but this can have negative consequences for the environment. By participating in our buyback program, you can ensure that your old furniture finds a new home instead of ending up in a landfill. This is a responsible choice that benefits the environment, and we're happy to reward you for it with up to 50% cashback.


How Our Buyback Program Works

Our buyback program is simple and hassle-free. If you have furniture that you no longer need or want, get in touch with us. We'll arrange to collect the furniture from you, and you'll receive cashback in return. This offer is applicable on all furniture you have purchased from Zior, so you can continue to make sustainable choices and earn rewards for doing so.


Eco-Friendly and Affordable Upgrades

By selling your old furniture back to us, you can also make room for new, sustainable pieces in your home. We offer a range of eco-friendly furniture options, so you can upgrade your home without sacrificing your commitment to sustainability. Plus, with our cashback offer, you can make affordable upgrades that won't break the bank.


At Zior, we're committed to making sustainable choices easy and accessible. Our buyback program is just one way we're working towards a greener future. Don't let your old furniture go to waste - sell it back to us and earn up to 50% cashback while making a responsible choice for the environment.