Belle Chest of Drawers

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Color: Teak
Sometimes small bedside drawers are not enough, and your wardrobe seems to overflow with your belongings too, so what would help? A chest of drawers! It's smaller than a wardrobe but more spacious and extensive than a bedside table/drawer. The Belle chest of drawers has three large-sized drawers with two smaller-sized drawers. You should totally check this out because: The Sheesham wood frame and the mixture of dark and light teak shades give it a stunning look and surety of longevity. You can differentiate between your belongings and keep them in different drawers – perhaps one could hold your intimate articles of clothing while the other could house your favourite books. You can use the wide top as a table for your clock, watches, house plants, framed photographs, etc. One of the best places to set this 32x32x16 inches drawer is either beside your bed or perhaps next to the wardrobe, so it will look like a designated storage area of your bedroom!
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